What if we could detect Parkinson , Alzheimer OR Huntington

5 years earlier?

How can mememtum do that?

We work together with neurologists to design specific tests to check and detect patient's state and neurological circuits. These test are validated with both real patients and healthy people to check usability, accuracy and discrimination of the results. If the data supports the validation we start a wider study to grow the database from where to extract more valuable information.

The kind of informatin we extract is if younger people are more expressive than the older ones and what is normal or out of scale helping us to track patients state or perform presymptomatic detection of neurological problems.

Technology behind mememtum is based on Computer Vision, Data Analysis and Machine Learning algorithms

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Head movement | Hand Dexterity | Voice analysis | Tremor | Gait Analysis
Head and neck
Finger Tapping
Finger Typing

Save Costs and Time

Commuting for patients and their relatives is in many cases unnecessary and unconfortable. Reducing the number of sessions can save unvaluable resources both for patients and relatives but also for Health care system.

  • Manage groups of subjects
  • Prescribe them the tests
  • Track evolution
  • Extract analytics
  • Discover correlations

Telemedice is here to stay (and to help)

Instantaneous monitoring

You need no more to wait to the specialist in order to be evaluated. mememtum allows to measure it now and share the results instantly with the medical center.
We have develop several tests to evaluate different neurological states.
The Cloud platform alows mememtum to incorporate new tests and send them to the patients instantly.

We are the thermometer of neurological health

Fewer appoinments

Telemedicine is here to stay helping patients and professional to save time and optimize visits




Test your health in real time
Save costs
Share data with your doctor


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Manage groups
Proactive health care
Track patients

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Design groups and tests
Real time Analytical data
Save time

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Current Users

mememtum is used in the main Elder Care Centres Companies in Europe. We work closely with two major Hospitals in scientific projects.

300 subscriptions

+2000 tests

+400 patients

+500 controls


smartphone simple tests | Patient tracking
Early detection